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As the famous saying goes “Health is Wealth” relevance of this can be best understood today, when even the smallest imbalance in the body can create magnanimous losses both to our personal and financial health. A person is called healthy only when the complete health of the body is in balance, and if that is maintained then its glow radiates all across the body. By terms like balance of body, health and fitness one shouldn’t narrow down the definition a state where there is mere absence of dysfunctionalities rather it is expression of growth that thrives especially on organic elements rather than inorganic supplements. Fortunately, we live in a country, India, which is home to one of the most classical manifestation of medicine and health that literally means knowledge of life -“Ayurveda”. Essentially, India has a rich heritage of originating the study and immense application of Ayurveda for its medicinal properties, boosting herbal and organic healing that was derived by the Hindu culture of harmonizing the mind and soul. One can attain complete wellness with help of yoga and application of Ayurveda products regularly. By the virtue of Ayurvedic medicines and herbs person can not only maintain good health but also recover from any disease. Let’s take can example of infertility that may be caused of low sperm count or may be because of the inferior quality of the semen leading to several major problems in sexual life of a couple along with a threat of never to have a child can also be cured and successfully treated by Ayurvedic medicine.
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